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    Plough Quarterly

    An international magazine of stories, ideas, and culture.


    In Plough Quarterly No. 40: The Good of Tech

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    Plough Quarterly is a magazine of stories, ideas, and culture to inspire faith and action. Bold, hope-filled, and down-to-earth, it features thought-provoking articles, commentary, interviews, short fiction, book reviews, poetry and art.

    Each issue brings together essential voices from many traditions to give you fresh insights on a core theme such as peacemaking, biblical justice, children and family, building community, man and woman, nature and the environment, nonviolence, or simple living.

    Challenge your mind, raise your spirits, strengthen your faith. Subscribe to Plough Quarterly today.

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    About Plough Quarterly

    Plough is an award-winning international magazine of stories, ideas, and culture that appears weekly online and quarterly in print. We also publish a line of books, including literary nonfiction, fiction, and graphic novels. Founded in 1920, Plough asks the big questions: How can we live well together, and what gives life meaning and purpose in a complex world?

    Plough Quarterly includes contributions that we believe are worthy of our readers’ consideration, whether or not we fully agree with them. Views expressed by contributors are their own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial position of Plough or of the Bruderhof communities.

    Editor: Peter Mommsen. Senior Editors: Maureen Swinger, Sam Hine, Susannah Black. Editor-at-Large: Caitrin Keiper. Managing Editor: Maria Hine. Poetry Editor: A. M. Juster. Designers: Rosalind Stevenson, Miriam Burleson. Creative Director: Clare Stober. Copy Editors: Wilma Mommsen, Priscilla Jensen. Fact Checker: Suzanne Quinta. Marketing Director: Trevor Wiser. International Editions: Ian Barth (UK), Kim Comer (German), Chungyon Won (Korean), Allen Page (French). Contributing Editors: Joy Clarkson, Leah Libresco Sargeant, Brandon McGinley, Jake Meador. Founding Editor: Eberhard Arnold (1883–1935).