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    collage of paper money

    Plough Quarterly No. 36: Money

    Summer 2023


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    The Other Side of the Needle’s Eye What is money for? The history of Christian radicalism suggests one surprising answer.


    Pay As You Can At a café where we grow the food and don’t name a price, we’re still learning new mindsets.


    Selling Friends In multilevel marketing, friendship is not the means to the sell – it is the thing being sold. Princess of the Vatican What happens when a Roman palazzo becomes a homeless shelter? In Praise of Costly Magnificence Mary of Bethany shows the beauty of extravagance. The Religion of Mammon Money and God are enemies. We must choose one or the other. Saving the Commons As the Industrial Revolution took off in Britain, William Cobbett rose in defense of the cottage economy.

    Personal History

    Leper Colony Sketches A woman finds pain and friendship in the enforced community of outcasts at a Paraguayan leper colony.


    Ownership and Communion A sixteenth-century Anabaptist spells out the economics of the Apostles’ Creed. Where Your Treasure Is Five readings from Christian thinkers challenge our assumptions about money.


    Poem: “Clair de lune Clair de lune from Claude Debussy’s Suite Bergamasque in memory of my mother. Poem: “Argument of Periapsis” Is there sound in space? We try / saying what we really mean to say. Poem: “Advent” It seems as though it never has to die / as long as it continues on its way.


    History Arrives on the Island Read the first chapter of Eugene Vodolazkin’s new novel, A History of the Island, the chronicle of an island from medieval to modern times.

    Editors’ Picks

    Editors’ Picks: Thin Places The Ireland of Kerri ní Dochartaigh’s Thin Places offers more than a token sense of generic mysticism. Editors’ Picks: Dinosaurs Lydia Millet’s novel Dinosaurs points to community but remains clear-eyed about the failures of human beings to live well together. Editors’ Picks: Natality Jennifer Banks’s spectacular book Natality considers Hannah Arendt's idea that humans “are not born in order to die but in order to begin.”

    Family and Friends

    The Mustard Seed Project Plough interviews members of The Mustard Seed Project, a small city mission in Gotha, Germany. Feasting at Teatime At Madonna House, we work hard not to get rich but so that we can stop and celebrate.

    Community Snapshot

    On Owning Twenty-Two Cars What is it like to live in a community where you possess nothing but share everything?


    Letters from Readers Readers respond to Plough’s Spring 2023 issue, Pain and Passion.


    Enchanted Capitalism Modern capitalism claims to be secular. It’s anything but.


    The Last of the Cuban Revolutionaries What’s left of Fidel Castro’s revolution seventy years after it began?


    Hudson Taylor “When I am a man, I mean to be a missionary and go to China.”

    Covering the Cover

    Covering the Cover: Money Most of us have at one time or another felt entangled by money’s effects on our interactions with others.

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    collage of paper money

    About This Issue

    This issue opens with the story of Melania and her real estate-magnate husband, who decide to divest themselves of their entire wealth. These early Christians, who sold off their many estates and freed eight thousand slaves, were only exceptional in the amount they gave away. Jesus, after all, had advised a rich man, “Go, sell your possessions, and give the money to the poor.” And he emphatically warned that you cannot serve two masters: you cannot serve God and money. What does that mean for Christians today, in a society and economy premised on the accumulation of capital? How can we resist and subvert the power of money?