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Magazine Submissions

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For Plough Quarterly and our website, we accept submissions of nonfiction articles, reviews, art, poetry, short fiction, and letters to the editor. Before submitting, we ask that you read Plough Quarterly to get a sense of our focus and style.

Unless you inform us otherwise, we assume that all submissions are being offered to us exclusively and that no piece accepted for publication will be published simultaneously in any form without our knowledge. Work previously published in English cannot be considered.

Please submit complete manuscripts as Microsoft Word files to, accompanied by a one-paragraph biography (which we may publish), your contact information, and a brief summary. Please include links to your previously published work, if applicable.

For book manuscript submissions, see our book submission guidelines.

Frequent Topics

Topics we cover regularly include: peacemaking, nonviolence, reconciliation, faith in the public square, religious liberty, social justice, Christian discipleship, community living, marriage and family, the early church and Christian history, spirituality, revival, Christian mission, education, and literature and art inspired by faith.

Short Articles

These are articles of 400 to 1000 words appearing at the front and back of the magazine, generally containing commentary or profiles of people and communities both historical and contemporary. These should be tightly focused on a single topic, without footnotes.

Feature Essays

The features we accept are generally narrative-driven, built around a real-life story rather than around an argued thesis; all the same, we may take an idea-driven piece if the subject is urgent and compelling. The ideal Plough Quarterly feature tells a strong, vivid story that succeeds in illuminating important ideas and showing how they can be applied in real life. Submissions should be between 2500 and 5000 words. Include footnotes -- we may reduce or eliminate them before publishing, but require sources to be documented in submissions. We encourage you to submit accompanying artwork and photography where possible.


Reviews – mostly of books, also of music and art – should be 1000 to 2000 words. Review essays exploring a topic in depth may run up to 3000 words.

Letters to the Editor

We welcome letters to the editor, which should be no longer than 500 words and may be edited for clarity, length, and style.

Art and Photography

Please submit no more than five pieces per issue; emailed files must be smaller than two megabytes. If we’re considering a piece for publication, we’ll get in touch to request a high-resolution file.

Poems and Short Fiction

We accept poetry submissions of no more than five poems per issue. The short fiction we accept is generally suitable for reading aloud in a family setting. Please submit your work as Microsoft Word files to, accompanied by a one-paragraph biography (which we may publish) and your contact information. Please include links to your previously published work, if applicable.

Online Articles

These may include narratives, commentary, reviews, or poems of 600 to 2000 words.

Response Time

We’ll generally get back to you within six months. Feel free to contact us by email if you haven’t heard from us by then.


For material published in Plough Quarterly, we will pay an honorarium upon publication for feature-length articles and reviews, as well as for poems, fiction, and featured art. We are not able to pay for online articles.

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