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    sculpture of a snake striking a foot

    Plough Quarterly No. 37: The Enemy

    Autumn 2023


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    Tough Love on the Mount Who were those enemies Jesus expected his oppressed listeners to love?


    Walls behind Bars Two friends risk defying a racist prison culture. A Russian Christian Speaks Out A Baptist lawyer says no to war, and pays the price.


    Foolhardy Wisdom Can we afford to love our enemies in an unforgiving society? Hating Sinners Love the sinner, hate the sin? The trouble is, that’s not how hatred works. Students Brave the Heat Conflict can be fruitful when students don’t just debate, but listen to one another. The Witching Hour We start the day intentionally and prayerfully, but all bets are off after five o’clock p.m. What Is Time For? Everyone is too busy. How would we spend our time if we weren’t?

    Personal History

    My Mind, My Enemy When mental illness struck, my mind became my enemy. Would I battle it, or learn to love it?


    Enemy Lovers Five historical figures respond to real enemies. How God Sees Us We must learn to see the divine worth in everyone regardless of how they treat us.


    Poem: “South Head, a Wild Surmise” The cliff face dropping sheer into the sea, / With its plosive dowse / Of surge and foam Poem: “Lammergeier” Riding a thermal ever higher / With its clutched prize. Poem: “World Within” A lake of waterlilies, spread / At the day’s heart, to keep the day.

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    About This Issue

    Jesus challenges us to love our enemies. In today’s swirl of hatemongering, political polarization, and online nastiness, even Christians have skirted this command or given it up as impossible or foolish. What does it really mean to love our enemies? And how might our lives and our world change if we did? In this issue we apply these questions to real situations, and hear from people who have put this command into practice in some of the toughest circumstances.