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    two green plants on a colorful background

    Regeneration: 2020 Special Digital Issue

    A weekly forum featuring stories and ideas for a time of crisis


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    two green plants on a colorful background

    About this issue

    The coronavirus crisis has ripped the cover off certain truths about our souls and our society. Some of these truths are ugly. But the crisis has revealed other truths too. It’s shown that millions of our fellow human beings, of all creeds and walks of life, will jump at a chance to be their brothers’ and sisters’ keeper, if only by grieving with the grieving or by wearing a face mask.

    As so many of us find our habits and plans disrupted in unprecedented ways, now is also time to prepare for what comes next. That is why we’ve decided to launch this special digital issue titled “Regeneration,” featuring a growing collection of articles responding to this time of crisis by some of our favorite writers and artists. A new lead essay will appear each Monday for the next twelve weeks, often accompanied by shorter pieces on other days.

    Writers such as Edwidge Danticat and Eugene Vodolazkin will help us see more clearly the truth of the time we’re living through. Scholars such as Stanley Hauerwas and Sarah Ruden will help us think deeply about what is at stake. Social critics such as Bill McKibben and Zito Madu will address questions of justice and sustainability. Pastors such as Will Willimon and Eugene F. Rivers III will speak to this time’s spiritual challenges.

    In addition, historical articles and readings will draw out the wisdom that people of faith have gained over two millennia in facing pandemics and economic collapse. Profiles and interviews will highlight individuals and communities who in exemplary ways are doing the works of mercy needed now. There will be a visual portrayal of a poem from Julian Peters and a Dostoyevsky story rendered in graphic novel format by Natalia Osipova and Elena Avinova. Look for other exciting contributions too as this ongoing digital issue rolls out week by week.

    Helen Klebesadel, Beyond Nature, watercolor on canvas Image courtesy of the artist.