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    painting of passengers getting off of trains at a train station

    Plough Quarterly No. 23: In Search of a City

    Winter 2020


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    the front cover of Plough Quarterly Winter 2020 Issue 23: In Search of a City

    About this issue

    The future of humanity, pretty clearly, is urban. Urbanization is arguably the biggest change of habitat our species has ever undergone. For anyone who cares about the common good of humanity, then, cities need to matter.

    The modern city is an electrifying concentration of creativity, energy, and cultural dynamism. It’s also still the “cauldron of unholy loves” that Saint Augustine discovered in Carthage one and a half millennia ago. It’s the place where the cruelties of mammon, the hubris of power, and the perversions of lust manifest themselves most crassly. But cities have also given birth to culture and community and to remarkable movements of revival and renewal.