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    Martin Luther, the Graphic Biography

    3.14 Stars on Goodreads Read Reviews

    Five hundred years ago Martin Luther confronted the most powerful institutions of his day, sparking the Protestant Reformation that marked one of the great turning points in history. His story comes vividly to life in this graphic novel.

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    About The Book

    Gold Medal Winner, 2018 Independent Publisher Book Awards

    Gold Medal Winner, 2017 Indies Awards, Foreword Reviews Magazine

    Five hundred years ago a brash young monk single-handedly confronted the most powerful institutions of his day. His bold stand sparked the Protestant Reformation and marked one of the great turning points in history.

    Martin Luther, a spiritual and historical giant, is loved and hated to this day – and for good reason. The anniversary of the revolution he helped start has produced a spate of doorstop-sized biographies. Luckily, today there exists a more accessible format that does justice to such a colorful, complex character and his tumultuous life and times – the graphic novel.

    In a world of grinding poverty, plague, and religious superstitions, a child of laborers distinguishes himself at university – until a lightning-bolt conversion lands him in a monastery. There his personal battles with disillusionment and doubt culminate in a cry for freedom. The rest is the stuff of history and legend: Luther’s revolt against Rome with the nailing of ninety-five theses to the church door in Wittenberg; his time spent incognito at Wartburg Castle, where he famously throws an inkpot at the devil; his seditious translation and publication of the Bible in the language of the people; his scandalous marriage to former nun Katharina von Bora; and, in later years, his ugly tirades against peasants, Anabaptists, and Jews.

    Each chapter of Luther’s life comes vividly to life thanks to cutting-edge graphic techniques, meticulous historical research, and compelling writing. This could be the biggest breakthrough for Martin Luther since the Gutenberg press.


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