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Bearing Witness

Stories of Martyrdom and Costly Discipleship

Timothy J. Keiderling (Editors); Foreword by John D. Roth and Elizabeth Miller

4.17 Stars on Goodreads Read Reviews

Stories of Christian martyrs from around the world and through the ages to inspire and challenge the next generation of believers.

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About The Book

What does it cost to follow Jesus? For these men and women, the answer was clear. They were ready to give witness to Christ in the face of intense persecution, even if it cost them their lives. From the stoning of Stephen to Nigerian Christians persecuted by Boko Haram today, these stories from around the world and through the ages will inspire greater faithfulness to the way of Jesus, reminding us what costly discipleship looks like in any age.

Since the birth of Christianity, the church has commemorated those who suffered for their faith in Christ. In the Anabaptist tradition especially, stories of the boldness and steadfastness of early Christian and Reformation-era martyrs have been handed down from one generation to the next through books such as Thieleman van Braght’s Martyrs Mirror (1660). Yet the stories of more recent Christian witnesses are often unknown.

This book is part of the Bearing Witness Stories Project, a collaborative story-gathering project involving Anabaptist believers from many different traditions and locations.

About the authors: Charles E. Moore has compiled and edited several acclaimed books, including Provocations: Spiritual Writings of Kierkegaard, and Everyone Belongs to God: Discovering the Hidden Christ. Timothy Keiderling is a researcher for the Bearing Witness Stories Project.

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Table of Contents

Part I: Early Christians

  • Stephen
    Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Polycarp
    Smyrna (Turkey)
  • Justin Martyr
    Rome (Italy)
  • Agathonica, Papylus, and Carpus
    Pergamum (Turkey)
  • Perpetua
    Carthage (Tunisia)
  • Tharacus, Probus, and Andronicus
    Cilicia (Turkey)
  • Marcellus
    Tangiers (Morocco)

Part II: Radical Reformers

  • Jan Hus
    Constance (Germany)
  • Michael and Margaretha Sattler
    Rottenburg (Germany)
  • Weynken Claes
    The Hague (Netherlands)
  • William Tyndale
    Vilvoorde (Belgium)
  • Jakob and Katharina Hutter
    Innsbruck (Austria)
  • Anna Janz
    Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • Dirk Willems
    Asperen (Netherlands)

Part III: Early Modern Witnesses

  • Veronika Löhans
    St. Thomas (Virgin Islands)
  • Jacob Hochstetler
    Pennsylvania (United States)
  • Gnadenhütten
    Ohio (United States)
  • Joseph and Michael Hofer
    United States
  • Emanuel Swartzendruber
    United States
  • Regina Rosenberg
  • Eberhard and Emmy Arnold
  • Johann Kornelius Martens
    USSR (Ukraine)
  • Ahn Ei Sook
  • Jakob Rempel
    USSR (Russia)

Part IV: Recent Witnesses

  • Clarence Jordan
    United States
  • Richard and Sabina
  • Tulio Pedraza
  • Stanimir Katanic
    Yugoslavia (Croatia)
  • Samuel Kakesa
  • Kasai Kapata
  • Meserete Kristos Church
  • Sarah Corson
  • Alexander Men
    USSR (Russia)
  • José Chuquín and Norman Tattersall
  • Katherine Wu
  • Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria