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Johann Christoph Blumhardt

A Biography

Edited by Christian T. Collins and Charles Moore

In documenting Blumhardt’s life, Zuendel aimed to help readers orient their lives to the kingdom of God.  The result is a powerful account of one person’s faith in Jesus’ victory over all forces that bind and divide humanity.

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About The Book

Though relatively unknown in America, Johann Christoph Blumhardt (1805-1880) is widely recognized in his native Germany, in part because of Friedrich Zündel's landmark biography. The terrifying battle between the spiritual forces of good and evil described here, and the awakening that followed, catapulted Blumhardt's parish into the public eye and still draws seekers to it. Zündel's account is fascinating on a historical level, but it is also infused with enduring pastoral insights and spiritual wisdom. Here is an almost unbelievable account of one person's faith in the inbreaking of God's kingdom and its victory over powers that bind and divide humanity.


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