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Action in Waiting

Foreword by Rodney Clapp, Afterword by Karl Barth

4.31 Stars on Goodreads Read Reviews

These seventeen essays give a fresh look at the spiritual life as “active expectation” of God’s kingdom breaking into this world. This kingdom is no longer relegated to some afterlife, but takes effect today.

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About The Book

“A comfortable Christianity will never change the world…” – Christoph Blumhardt

Ours is a time of intense searching. We hunger for a faith strong enough to transform us and our world. With unabashed fervor, Christoph Blumhardt burns away the chaff of modern piety. He proclaims a message that still today, a full century after he first voiced it, has power to stir up the embers of a dying faith. In his quest to get to the essentials, he has little patience for ­religious trappings. And yet his passion encourages, rather than intimidates. Blumhardt’s “active expectation” of God’s kingdom shows us that the object of our hope is not relegated to some afterlife. Today, in our world, it can come into its own – if only we are ready.

Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 978-0874869545

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Table of Contents

  1. Seeking the Kingdom
  2. I Make All Things New – Read an excerpt
  3. Get Busy and Wait! – Read an excerpt
  4. The Savior Is Coming Now
  5. Is God Still Dead?
  6. The Kingdom Is at Hand!
  7. Jesus Needs You – Not Your Religion
  8. The New Life
  9. Forget Yourself for God
  1. God Is Seeking a Zion
  2. Not Words, but Deeds
  3. Christ Is Rising
  4. What Do You Stand For?
  5. Get Ready for Action
  6. Don’t Push – Surrender!
  7. The Power of God
  8. Rejoice in the Lord

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