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    four book covers from The Blumhardt Source Series on a green background

    The Blumhardt Source Series

    The Blumhardt Source Series will make available for the first time in English the extensive works of Johann Christoph Blumhardt (1805–1880) and his son Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt (1842–1919), two influential religious figures of the latter half of the nineteenth century.

    Their influence can be detected in a number of important developments in nineteenth- and twen­tieth-century Protestantism: the recovery of the eschatological dimension of Christianity and the kingdom of God; the recovery of an emphasis on holistic notions of spirituality and salvation; the rise of faith healing and later, Pentecostalism; the convergence of socialism and the Christian faith; and the development of personalist models of pastoral counseling. Given the extent of their influence during the theological and religious ferment of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, we believe that these sources will be of great interest to scholars of that period across various disciplines. There is also much spiritual value in the witness of the Blumhardts, which continues to be relevant for the church and society today. Both understood themselves as witnesses to the kingdom of God that is already present in the world. Together they represent one of the most powerful instances of the convergence of spirituality and social witness in the history of the Christian church.