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    Plough Quarterly No. 10: What Makes Humans Sacred?

    Autumn 2016


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    About This Issue

    The gospel teaches that every human is sacred. Orange-haired casino owners and former First Ladies. Refugee children and Islamist terrorists. Police officers and young African Americans. Unborn babies, always, and also abortionists. Progressive hipsters, prosperity-gospel televangelists, members of Congress, Confederate-flag-waving white nationalists? Sacred. This absurd claim is at the heart of the gospel. Each person is created in the image and likeness of God. Each is someone for whom Jesus died. And if this is true, we have much work to do. The writers in this issue may not agree on the best ways and means, but each challenges us to consider the implications of this gospel of life that makes no exceptions.

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    Plough is an award-winning international magazine of stories, ideas, and culture that appears weekly online and quarterly in print. We also publish a line of books, including literary nonfiction, fiction, and graphic novels. Founded in 1920, Plough asks the big questions: How can we live well together, and what gives life meaning and purpose in a complex world?