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Yacoub Yousif

Yacoub Yousif
  • Iraq-Iran War combat veteran
  • Conscientious objector to military service
  • Member of Bruderhof community
Plough’s Arabic editor, Yacoub Yousif served in the Iraqi army during the Iraq-Iran War, but his Christian faith eventually led him to become a pacifist and conscientious objector to military service. In Saddam Hussein’s army, refusing to fight meant summary execution, so Yacoub and his wife, Layla, left their homeland behind. They were granted asylum in Sweden, where they continued their search for a way of peacemaking and brotherhood.   Read Full Biography

Yacoub has recorded this journey in his autobiography, I Put My Sword Away: An Iraqi Soldier’s Journey from Battlefield to Brotherhood, which is available as a free ebook.

Yacoub and Layla now live at the Darvell Bruderhof in England.

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