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Detail from painting Sky in Cora’s Marsh by Neil Welliver, depicting a marshy area with a stand of young trees.

Three Poems

Thomas Lequin

  • Rose Betit

    Dear Father Tom, Your poetry is beautiful. I've never forgotten your kindness when you were at St.Mary's. I hope you are well. Rosie B.

  • Dan Perrine

    Dear Tom Very beautiful poetry!

  • charlene carrier

    Love your writing style,Fr. Tom..I also enjoyed your , at times quirky, homilies at St.Joseph's.

  • debb


  • Dorothy

    Hello Thomas: (Though I am not sure how to address you so I hope saying 'Thomas' will not offend you) I love the poem 'Hanging On' so much ! Where did you learn to write? Keep on writing.

  • erna albertz

    Thank you for reading. Do you experience a similar connection between the natural world and biblical themes as that described here by Lequin?

As for Me

Northern Maine was my home
before I arrived.
It was what I was all about
all my life
even when I wasn’t living here.
I will walk into the woods
and become an oak tree,
be cut down
and made into a cross.


Hanging On

He held to the Cross,
blood drops nourishing the earth.
Plant your garden here.



Fisher, marten and coyote pelts
hang from my camp walls.

Whitetail deer, you stare at me,
elk horns of Colorado
point me out.

You gather in testimony on the pine
walls – for or against?

“Hunt me some game,” said my father,
“that I may bless you.”*

* Gen. 27:4–5

Top banner artwork: Detail from Neil Welliver, Sky in Cora’s Marsh, 1986. Image courtesy of Alexandre Gallery, New York.

Detail from painting Deer in Bottom by Neil Welliver depicting two deer among coniferous trees. Neil Welliver, Deer in Bottom, 1980 (detail). Image courtesy of Bowdoin College Museum of Art.
Contributed By Thomas Lequin

Thomas Lequin is a priest, farmer, fisherman, hunter, and Maine Master Guide. His poems have been published in Anglican Theological Review, Iodine Poetry Journal, The Alembic, and other journals, as well as in an anthology of contemporary animal poetry, The Wildest Peal (Moon Pie Press, 2015).