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    Plough Quarterly No. 11: Alien Citizens

    Winter 2017


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    About This Issue

    We face a year of political turmoil when fear is understandable, even justified. But it is not Christian. We who believe in Jesus must not fear, because we have heard the glad tidings of the arrival of a new political regime: the kingdom of God. We are patriots for a different homeland, living here as alien citizens – as Paul writes, “our citizenship is in heaven.” How should we as alien citizens live and how should we relate to our wider society? This issue of Plough seeks to flesh out a communal vision for the church today.

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    About Plough Quarterly

    Plough Quarterly features original stories, ideas, and culture to inspire everyday faith and action. Starting from the conviction that the teachings and example of Jesus can transform and renew our world, it aims to apply them to all aspects of life, seeking common ground with all people of goodwill regardless of creed. The goal of Plough Quarterly is to build a living network of readers, contributors, and practitioners so that, in the words of Hebrews, we may “spur one another on toward love and good deeds.”