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    With or Without Me

    A Memoir of Losing and Finding

    4.75 Stars on Goodreads Read Reviews

    Available March 2022: Where is God when your loved ones gets cancer? The easy answers are all wrong.

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    About The Book

    With or Without Me is an unsparing and eloquent critique of religion. Yet Esther Maria Magnis’s frustration is merely the beginning of a tortuous journey toward faith – one punctuated by personal losses retold with bluntness and intense immediacy. “Maybe God is a sadist,” she writes, “a big baby who had a terrible upbringing. If, as Christians claim, God is love, then it’s a kind of love I do not understand.” She dares to believe anyway, although her questioning won’t let up. She fiercely dismantles both the clichés she’s heard in church and the endless philosophizing of her parents’ generation.

    Esther Maria Magnis knows believing in God is anything but easy. Because he allows people to suffer. Because he’s invisible. And silent. “I think we miss God,” she writes, “I would never want to persuade anyone or put myself above atheists. I know there are good reasons not to believe. But sometimes I think most people are just sad that he’s not there.”

    With or Without Me is a book for everyone – believer or unbeliever, Christian or atheist – who refuses to surrender to the idea that, just because there can be beauty and truth, there must also be clear answers to the big questions in life.


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