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    Drained English


    Stories of People Who Wanted More

    3.5 Stars on Goodreads Read Reviews

    Dedicated to all "who refuse to run on empty," Drained tells the stories of ordinary people who overcame their greatest obstacles. For anyone ready to go beyond quick fixes, it provides realistic stepping stones toward a fulfilled life.

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    About The Book

    Gerald had an affair. And an illegitimate child. He carried these secrets for decades, doing his best to blot them from memory. He failed – but he achieved something far greater...

    Ann finally had everything she ever wanted: a loving spouse, a home to call her own, financial security, beautiful kids. Everything, that is, except happiness. She couldn't figure out what was wrong. Until she stopped trying to outrun the ghosts of her abused childhood...

    Mick and Bridie's only son was gunned down in Northern Ireland, and they wanted blood. So they tried suicide. But something stopped them...

    Ashley worked the runways of Paris and Milan, modelling for the likes of Giorgio Armani. Drugged up and sexed out, he flirted with despair. Then a friend offered him a book that changed the course of his life forever...

    In Drained, Arnold tells their stories and those of many others who overcame their greatest obstacles. He builds his book on the premise that the longing for peace lies deep within every person. Drained makes no attempt to present a cure-all for life's problems, but for those ready to go beyond quick-fix "remedies," it offers stepping stones to finding peace. 

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    Table of Contents

    1. Life in the Slow Lane
    2. Noise Pollution
    3. Let Go
    4. The Lost Art
    5. Get Real
    6. Burn Your Fingers (Again)
    7. Turn Around
    8. What You Really, Really Want
    1. Choose Life
    2. Say Thank-you
    3. That Gnawing Feeling
    4. Forget Yourself
    5. The Golden Rule
    6. Living on a Prayer
    7. Lights, Camera
    8. Say You Want a Revolution