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    The God Who Heals

    Words of Hope for a Time of Sickness

    Foreword by Rick Warren

    4.33 Stars on Goodreads Read Reviews

    Formerly titled Thy Will Be Done, this collection of daily biblical reflections will encourage anyone facing sickness or an uncertain future.

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    About The Book

    • Gold Medal Winner, 2017 Illumination Book Awards, Devotionals

    These sixty short daily reflections, each based on a verse from the Bible, will guide a believer facing serious sickness – and his or her family – to a rock-solid faith and trust in the will of God. With confidence in the healing power of God and the possibility of miracles, the Blumhardts, a father-son team of pastors renowned for their healing ministry, point us away from our troubles and toward a Creator who is supremely wise and good and wants the best for each of us.

    In a world where medical advances seem to promise a cure for everything, it’s tempting to believe that we can live free of pain. But we know that even the best medicine cannot extend life forever or solve the riddles of physical and emotional illness. How, then, to respond to the inevitability of suffering? And how to help those who live in fear of disease to conquer their daily worry about their diagnosis? What better place to turn than to these words of comfort and hope drawn from the Word of God?

    As Rick Warren writes in his foreword, “the Blumhardts remind us that physical healing is not God’s greatest answer to prayer.…Whatever circumstance you are facing right now, this book of daily readings will help you focus on a closer relationship with Jesus, our one true spiritual healer.”

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    Table of Contents

    Turning to Jesus

    1. Here Is Good News
    2. Jesus Cares for You
    3. All Are Welcome
    4. Come as You Are
    5. He Carries Our Burdens
    6. Jesus Wants to Heal
    7. He Is Still Working
    8. You Are Not Alone
    9. Jesus Is Fighting for Us

    Trusting Jesus

    1. When It’s Time to Let Go
    2. God’s Will Is Best
    3. Why God Waits
    4. Your Heart Is Safe in Him
    5. Choosing Freedom
    6. Take Up Your Cross
    7. Help Is on the Way
    8. Even in Hell, Jesus Is There
    9. Our Best Help
    10. Keep on Singing

    God Hears

    1. No Matter What, Pray
    2. Become Like a Child
    3. Facing Doubts
    4. Before You Ask
    5. You Can Reach Him
    6. Finding Joy in Suffering
    7. God Loves You
    8. Guard My Life
    9. Honoring God with Our Lips
    10. God Knows
    11. Stand Firm
    12. Take Heart

    God Promises to Heal

    1. When God Heals
    2. God Reaches Deep
    3. Renewal, Day by Day
    4. After You Are Healed
    5. The Gift We Don’t Want
    6. Inner Healing and More
    7. God Heals for Good
    8. The Greatest Thing of All

    See What God Can Do

    1. Our Miracle-Working Savior
    2. Be Still, God Is at Work
    3. Always a Way Out
    4. Signs and Wonders
    5. God of the Impossible
    6. Miracles Beyond Belief
    7. God Is Good
    8. Miracles of Mercy
    9. The Day Is Almost Here

    The Hope That Is Ours

    1. Fighting to Live
    2. New Victories Ahead
    3. Satan’s Power Is Broken
    4. What Prison Can Hold You?
    5. Facing Eternity
    6. You Still Have a Task
    7. God’s Love Is Forever
    8. There Is a Crown of Life
    9. Death Has No Sting
    10. God Won’t Let You Go
    11. God’s Promise Prevails
    12. New Life Coming
    13. I Am with You Always