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Behold that Star

Behold that Star

A Christmas Anthology

Introduction by Jane Tyson Clement

3.75 Stars on Goodreads Read Reviews

Looking for a fresh collection of Christmas short stories to usher in the season of joy and giving? For those grown tired of commercialism, who feel that Santa Claus and red-nosed reindeer do not project the true Christmas spirit, this audiobook may be the answer.

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About The Book

Looking for a fresh collection of stories to usher in the season of joy and giving? For those grown tired of commercialism, who feel that Santa Claus and red-nosed reindeer do not project the true Christmas spirit, this book may be the answer.

Containing little-known classics by old and new masters of the genre, this bestselling anthology includes stories from many lands, interspersed with songs and poems – over half the contents available in English for the first time.

Also available as an itunes-ready free audio file.

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Write a Review

Table of Contents

  • Behold that Star (song)
  • The Angel’s Point of View  J.B. Phillips
  • Gloria in Excelsis Deo (song)
  • Words from an Old Spanish Carol
  • The Shepherds  Ruth Sawyer
  • Carol of the Seekers (song)
  • The Well of the Star  Elisabeth Goudge
  • The Christ-Child Lay on Mary’s Lap (song)
  • The Three Gifts  Jane T. Clement
  • Poverty Carol (song)
  • The Children’s Crusade  Ernst Wiechert
  • One Star Above All Stars (song)
  • The Poor Children’s Christmas  Ernst Wiechert
  • Come, Oh Come, Dear Children All (song)
  • The Angel’s Song  Marie Onen
  • Heaven’s Gate Has Opened (song)
  • Hallelu-nein  Marie Berg
  • Mid-Winter (poem)
  • Brother Robber  Helene Christaller
  • Rejoice All the Heavens (song)
  • The Legend of the Christmas Rose  Selma Lagerlof
  • Lo! A Light is in the East (song)
  • The Worker in Sandalwood  Marjorie Pickthall
  • As I Was Watching By My Sheep (song)
  • The Forest Bear  Reimmichl
  • Song for a New Baby (song)
  • The Chess Player  Ger Koopman
  • How Far Is It to Bethlehem? (poem)
  • The Cribmaker’s Trip to Heaven  Reimmichl
  • People, Look East (poem)
  • Journey to Christmas  B.J. Chute
  • Advent (poem)

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