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Home for Christmas

Stories for Young and Old

George Sumner Albee, Madeleine L’Engle, Nikolai S. Lesskov, Pearl S. Buck, Henry van Dyke, Ruth Sawyer, B. J. Chute, Selma Lagerlöf, and others
Edited by Miriam LeBlanc; Illustrated by David Klein

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Home for Christmas includes tales by some of the world’s most beloved children’s authors – Selma Lagerlöf, Ruth Sawyer, Elizabeth Goudge, and Pearl Buck – as well as little-known European stories not available in English anywhere else.

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About The Book

They are some of the warmest childhood memories, those unhurried evenings around the fireplace, Christmas tree, or dinner table, when there was time for a story... Now, with this collection, you can keep the story-telling tradition alive in your family, and pass it on to your children or grandchildren.

Home for Christmas includes twenty time-­honored ­favorites including several by world-famous children's authors - Selma Lagerlöf, Henry van Dyke, Ruth Sawyer, B. J. Chute, Elizabeth Goudge, Pearl S. Buck, Nikolai S. Lesskov, Madeleine L Engle, Ernst Wiechert, and Rebecca Caudill; others are little-known European tales not available in English anywhere else. Selected for their literary quality and their spiritual integrity, they will resonate with readers of all ages, year after year. With twenty woodcuts by David G. Klein.

Jim Trelease, author, The Read-Aloud Handbook
If you’re giving one book for Christmas, make it this one.

Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 978-0874869248

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Table of Contents

  • Dorothy Thomas The Christmas Lie
  • Jack Schaefer The Riders of St. Nicholas
  • Ernst Wiechert Grandfather’s Stories
  • B. J. Chute The Vexation of Barney Hatch
  • Opal Menius The Empty Cup
  • Elizabeth Goudge The Well of the Star
  • Rebecca Caudill A Certain Small Shepherd
  • Peter K. Rosegger The Carpenter’s Christmas
  • Ruth Sawyer What the Kings Brought
  • Selma Lagerlöf The Christmas Rose

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