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    green plants and brown bricks

    Another Life Is Possible

    Four Stories from 100 Years of Life Together

    By Clare Stober

    August 13, 2020

    Available languages: 한국어


    Two years ago I began work on a book to mark the Bruderhof’s hundredth anniversary this year. I’d long been interested in the idea of vocation – why and how does a person become convinced of a lifelong calling, with the self-sacrifice and self-surrender that this requires? For the Bruderhof centenary, then, my editors and I decided not to focus on the community’s century of history, but rather to tell the vocation stories of the men and women who had joined it. We ambitiously agreed on one hundred stories for one hundred years. I immediately began interviewing my fellow Bruderhof members, asking them to tell why they had chosen this way of life in full Christian community and getting them to share insights gleaned along the way. At the same time I accompanied the British photojournalist Danny Burrows, traveling to ten communities on three continents to capture what our life together looks like. The following four stories are excerpted from the resulting book of one hundred stories and Danny’s stunning photographs, titled Another Life Is Possible: Insights from 100 Years of Life Together.

    Hyeran Jang

    Through prayer and pilgrimage, a South Korean engineer finds her true calling.

    Hyeran Jang in front of a blooming bush near Seoul Korea

    Hyeran Jang

    Tom Potts

    A Philadelphia businessman, troubled by the contradictions of capitalism, traveled to Paraguay to see if a life based on love was possible.

    Tom Potts and his family in a sepia photo

    Tom Potts and his family

    Rubén Ayala

    A college student strives to carry on his father’s legacy of working for justice.

    Rubén Ayala sitting on a bed surrounded by mementos of his dad

    Rubén Ayala

    Bill Cleva

    A New York professional searches for a comprehensive answer.

    Bill Cleva

    Bill Cleva


    Explore more stories or order the book.

    Contributed By ClareStober Clare Stober

    Clare Stober is creative director at Plough and the editor of Another Life Is Possible: Insights from 100 Years of Life Together, a book that celebrates the hundredth-year anniversary of the Bruderhof.

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