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    Another Life is Possible book cover

    Another Life is Possible

    Insights from 100 Years of Life Together

    Coming Summer 2020: A window into the Bruderhof, an intentional community that has stood the test of time.

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    About The Book

    Yes, it is possible to create a society where there are no rich or poor, where children and elderly are welcome, where no one lives alone. Meet one hundred individuals from diverse backgrounds who ventured everything to build a life together where everyone belongs and everyone can contribute. A cross-section of the Bruderhof community’s international and intergenerational membership, they pooled their income, possessions, talents, and energy to take care of one another and reach out to others.

    As the community marks its first hundred years, hear Bruderhof members past and present talk about why they have chosen this radical way of life and share insights gleaned along the way. With photography by British photojournalist Danny Burrows, this book celebrates what is possible when people take a leap of faith and dare a change. It will inspire anyone working to build a more just, peaceful, and sustainable future.

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    Table of Contents

    1. What Money Can’t Buy
    2. Working for a Purpose
    3. Looking for Freedom
    4. Fighting Injustice and Inequality
    5. Finding and Sharing Faith
    6. What about Technology?
    7. In Defense of Children
    8. Illness, Old Age, and Death
    9. Seeking and Making Peace
    10. From Isolation to Community

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