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a stylized image of Martin Luther King Jr. against a backdrop of his words

Plough Quarterly No. 16: America’s Prophet

Spring 2018

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front cover to Plough Quarterly No 16: Americas Prophet

About This Issue

Ten days before Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said, “Where in America today do we hear a voice like the voice of the prophets of Israel? Martin Luther King is a sign that God has not forsaken the United States of America. God has sent him to us.” What if Heschel’s words about King are true? What if this name-branded, oft-sanitized, Super-Bowl-ad-commercialized, National-Mall-memorialized preacher from Atlanta … is a prophet whose message America has yet to fully reckon with? This issue of Plough looks at King’s unfinished struggle against the three evils of racism, materialism, and militarism, and how his lived witness to nonviolence, justice, and love of neighbor still matters today: to refugees and immigrants, soldiers and veterans, preachers and prisoners, black lives matter activists and the white working class.