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    Plough Quarterly No. 5: Peacemakers

    Summer 2015


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    Peacemaking plough quarterly cover

    About This Issue

    Dear Reader,
    Peacemaking, like a Bach sonata or a Philly cheese steak, is uncontroversially good. Everyone is for it; nobody (crazies aside) is against it. Other activities to which Christians are called can easily arouse opposition: pressing for justice, seeking purity of heart, speaking the plain truth, or living in voluntary poverty. But who will hate a peacemaker? In our live-and-let-live, so-long-as-it-doesn’t-hurt-anyone culture, peace seems like something we can all agree on.

    And so it should be – as long as we remember what peace asks of us. The contributors to this issue of Plough Quarterly show us what peacemaking looks like. Of course, they can only offer us views from this or that particular angle – the topic is too big for tidy theories. Still, a rich and challenging picture emerges. Peacemaking, these stories and reflections show, is a more ambitious undertaking, and a riskier one, than we may have imagined.

    Yet peacemakers are urgently needed, just as they always have been. Today we must wage peace where thousands of children are being murdered by militias or forced to fight as soldiers. We are to be peacemakers in divided cities from Paris to Baltimore, peacemakers in a culture with little tolerance for Christian witness, and peacemakers in churches riven by ideological fights and petty grudges. We are to make and keep peace with our spouses, and with ourselves.

    “Blessed are the peacemakers” turns out to be no warm and fuzzy slogan, then. It’s a promise of an upended world. And it’s a calling for which we must be willing to chance everything.

    How should we pursue peace? The contributors here don’t all agree with each other, nor will you with all of them. Our goal is to seek the truth together. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm greetings,
    Peter Mommsen, Editor

    Front cover photograph by Kyrre Lien,

    four Plough Quarterly covers

    About Plough Quarterly

    Plough is an award-winning international magazine of stories, ideas, and culture that appears weekly online and quarterly in print. We also publish a line of books, including literary nonfiction, fiction, and graphic novels. Founded in 1920, Plough asks the big questions: How can we live well together, and what gives life meaning and purpose in a complex world?