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    Skyline of Toledo Ohio at night

    City & Kingdom Toledo Ohio

    A Network for Conversation, Community, and Common Good

    On This Page

    Our nature and our longing is to live in society with others, to reason together and to collaborate in friendship towards a shared good. The Bible teaches that we are creatures made for society, and that our ultimate home will be a City. If these things are true, what do they mean for us, here, in this city, and what can we do to live this out? 

    City and Kingdom Toledo pursues these issues in discussion and debate. It also provides a forum for presentation of and collaboration on projects aimed at the good of human persons as they really are, and the good of communities on many different scales: from the small communities that are our own households to the broader community that is the city itself. 

    Each meeting of City and Kingdom Toledo will provide a setting where it is possible to speak from the heart and share on the deepest level. It may include a talk, a performance, a debate, a presentation, or a panel, but always a deep-going conversation. We will gather on a regular basis to discuss issues, to learn from each other, and to scheme – for the good of our families, for the good of the city, and for the good of the world. 

    City and Kingdom Toledo is co-sponsored by Plough but is organized and hosted independently. If you have any questions, feel please contact the Toledo coordinator Joel Shenk at