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sun reflecting on a city building in Sydney, Australia

City and Kingdom

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What is “City and Kingdom?”

Following a Plough-sponsored conference, an informal, spontaneous network called City and Kingdom New York emerged in Manhattan, dedicated to promoting “community, conversation, and the common good.” With Plough’s support, this group quickly grew to over 100 people, who after an initial gathering plan to meet regularly to continue the conversation.

We like that. As a magazine, we’ve always wanted to encourage discussion and foster the kind of conversations and relationships that lead to action for the gospel. Plough now sponsors similar events in other cities. With such gatherings, we hope to reach out to people who want to gather together on a regular basis to discuss, to learn from each other, and to scheme for the common good.

Would you like to be part of a similar network in your area? See below for a list of existing networks, and if you don’t see one close enough to you, please let us know by completing the form and indicating if you are interested in leading a network or simply attending.

Current networks

There are active City and Kingdom networks in these cities. Click to learn more or join a network.

Monterey Bay, CA

New York, NY

Pittsburgh, PA

Portland, OR

Toledo, OH

Twin Cities, MN

Get involved in your city

Don’t see your city on the list? If you’re interested in joining or hosting a City and Kingdom network in your city let us know here. We currently supporting networks in the US, UK, and Canada.