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    Bren Dubay

    • Executive director of Koinonia Partners
    • Pecan grower and gardener
    • Writer and spiritual leader
    Before assuming a leadership position at Koinonia Partners in 2004, Bren Dubay had worked as a spiritual director, retreat leader, playwright, Montessori eductor, fundraiser, and development consultant. In May 2003, Dubay volunteered with Habitat for Humanity along with a group of students, accepting an invitation to tour Koinonia Farm, the site of Habitat for Humanity’s origin in 1968 as Koinonia Partnership Housing. The visit to Koinonia profoundly inspired and affected Dubay, so much so that one year later she applied for the position of Executive Director of Koinonia. Founded in 1942 by Clarence Jordan, a Bible scholar, preacher, and farmer, Koinonia had been an intentional Christian community. During the 1950s and 60s, the Koinonia community faced much hardship and opposition, in large part due to its stand for racial integration and pacifism. During the last ten years, Dubay and fellow members have sought to bring Kononia back to its founder’s original vision of intentional community life, and have welcomed thousands of visitors. Their mission: “We are Christians called to live together in intentional community sharing a life of prayer, work, study, service and fellowship. We seek to embody peacemaking, sustainability, and radical sharing. While honoring people of all backgrounds and faiths, we strive to demonstrate the way of Jesus as an alternative to materialism, militarism and racism.” 

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