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    Bill McKibben

    • Author and environmental activist
    • Methodist Sunday school teacher
    • Founder of
    Bill McKibben (b. 1960) grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts, and worked for several publications as a journalist. After resigning from his job for The New Yorker magazine, McKibben moved to the Adirondack Mountains, where, inspired by the beauty of the natural world, he took an intense interest in the environment and its human degradation. In 1989 McKibben published his first book, The End of Nature, one of the first pieces of general-audience literature on the topic of climate change. Since then, this book, which was written as a serial for The New Yorker, has been published in 24 different languages. In the years since, McKibben has become a leading voice in the international environmental movement. In January 2007 he founded, organizing large-scale marches and rallies to help raise national awareness about climate change and demand government action. Then, in 2008, he founded which has helped to organize thousands of rallies in more than 188 countries. Currently, McKibben continues to write, speak, and organize in opposition of the environment’s destruction. In September of 2014, McKibben and fellow activists at helped to organize the People’s Climate March, which brought 400,000 people to New York City and included 2,600 events in solidarity around the world. McKibben champions activism, local economy, and community building in response to today’s hyper-individualized, consumerist society. Twitter: @billmckibben 

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