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    Alfred Delp

    • German Jesuit Priest
    • Nazi Resister
    • Christian Martyr
    For speaking in open opposition to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime from his position as Rector of St George Church in Munich, Alfred Delp (1907–1945) was arrested and condemned to die. The words that emerged from the prison cell of this condemned Jesuit priest, in letters and meditations smuggled out of the prison or distributed to other prisoners, exhort readers to maintain their Christian faith through action. This, Delp points out, is the only remedy against future reigns of terror. Knowing that his execution was imminent, Delp revealed through his writings his struggles and fears, his quest for true peace and trust in the will of God, and his great confidence in the virtue of defending the right even in the face of death.  Delp’s words serve as an inspiration and guide to Christians today not only to find a deeper relationship with their Maker, but also to display fruits of this relationship in their daily lives.

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