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    You Carried Me in the News

    December 7, 2017
    • Kathleen Davis

      Thank you for all you do for the PRO Life efforts, I am a 66 year old grandmother. My husband and I are raising our granddaughter who is now 6 1/2 . Her Mom was involved in Meth and my son is magnatized to this woman. Keep up the good fight ( as apostle Paul would say ). Thank you,

    Winner: Christianity Today’s 2018 CT Women Award: “After learning of her biological mother’s unsuccessful attempt to abort her, Melissa Ohden embarks on a decades-long search for answers. Despite the stable love of two adoptive parents, she wrestles with despair and the overwhelming belief that she is unwanted. The harsh ambiguity surrounding her origins haunts her; she knows nothing about the couple that wanted her gone. But as she is pursued by God, Ohden uses her testimony to comfort others, from clients at the domestic violence shelter where she works, for whom betrayal is all too familiar, to other abortion survivors. The wounds of abortion run deep – for victims, siblings, spouses, and even would-be mothers. But ultimately, Ohden shows that Christ can redeem any relationship, no matter what.”

    BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme: The failed abortion survivor whose mum thought she was dead

    Publishers Weekly: A review of You Carried Me My mother tried to abort me. I survived My Mother Had No Idea I Survived Her Abortion

    Woman’ Maria Carter interviews Melissa Ohden

    Babble: Woman Who Lived Through Failed Abortion as a Baby Meets Nurse Who Cared For Her In NICU

    Kirkus Reviews: You Carried Me: A Daughter’s Memoir

    The Modesto Bee: Amazing life followed rescue from failed abortion

    Los Angeles Review of Books: A Murderer, A Martyr, a Daughter, a Lover: Four Ways of Looking at Abortion

    Focus on the Family: Listen to the interview, and see a picture of Melissa with her mother.

    The Daily Mail: Woman who survived being aborted…reveals how she learnt to forgive

    Catholic World Report: Melissa Ohden's memoir is a tribute to love and a defense of innocent life “One of the most heart-breaking twists to Melissa’s story is her discovery of the terrible circumstances surrounding her birth mother’s failed abortion attempt, but as Melissa writes about her mother: ‘We were on the same side. Through me, her story could be told.’

    Melissa Ohden’s book is many things: a testament to human resilience, a message of healing and forgiveness, an insight into the extraordinary journey of a pro-life campaigner, but perhaps even more than that, it is a loving tribute to Melissa’s heroic adoptive parents and to the thousands of adoptive couples who welcome children into their lives every year.”

    National Catholic Register: Abortion Survivor Melissa Ohden Shares Her Story “Ohden speaks with authority, merited by many courageous battles described in the book. She is a voice for those wounded by abortion. She is a voice for abortion survivors attacked or silenced by abortion advocates unable to reconcile their support for the murderous procedure with the existence of living survivors. She is a voice of forgiveness for the sorrowful who regret their abortions or their complicity in abortions. And she is a voice for the unborn who have no voice.” Carried Me is a book that can be left in hospitals, in doctor’s offices, in libraries, in prisons and around the home for others to read. Anyone who finds forgiveness difficult will find strength in Melissa’s story. Seven pages of family photos included are a meditation on the wondrous mystery of life.”

    The Blaze: Abortion survivor Melissa Ohden details meeting, forgiving her birth mother in new book Abortion’s Unintended Survivors

    The Stream: Abortion Survivor Tells Her Story in New Book ‘You Carried me,’ a Daughter's Memoir

    San Francisco Chronicle: Antiabortion crowd takes to SF streets for annual march “‘We stand here today because we understand the horror of abortion for children, for women, for men and ultimately our community,’ Melissa Ohden, who said she is the survivor of a failed abortion, told the crowd...”

    Think Christian: Making Space for Pro-Life Feminists
    “In the renewed debate about the compatibility of feminism and pro-life principles, [this book] tells the story of one pro-life feminist familiar with the experience of being shunning by women’s rights circles…” A Testimony Worth Reading: A Review of “You Carried Me” My Mother Had No Idea I Survived Her Abortion

    AOL Editor’s Book Club - 5 books you must read this week

    “With a deep desire for answers, the author shares her journey of surviving a botched abortion in this Amazon best-selling memoir.”

    Catholic San Francisco: Melissa Ohden survived her mother’s abortion – and that’s just the beginning of the story She Survived an Abortion, So What’s Her Relationship With Her Birthmother Like Now

    Publisher's Weekly: Religion and Spirituality Books Preview: January 2017

    NewsRadio 1110 KFAB: Abortion Survivor Melissa Ohden

    National Catholic Register: Abortion Survivor Melissa Ohden Shares Her Story

    Celebrate Life Magazine: Review: You Carried Me – A Daughter’s Memoir

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