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    The Writings of Dirk Philips

    The complete works of a Franciscan friar turned Anabaptist theologian and a founder of the Mennonite church

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    About The Book

    This book contains all the known writings of early Anabaptist leader Dirk Philips (1504–1568), translated into English from Philips’s original 1564 Dutch volume. Annotations and introductions make it useful to both general readers and scholars. Philips’s treatises make important contributions to the literature of early Anabaptism; he writes about the incarnation, baptism, the Lord’s Supper, mission, the tabernacle, the new birth, church discipline, and marriage.

    This is the sixth volume in the Classics of the Radical Reformation, a series of Anabaptist and Free Church documents translated and annotated under the direction of the Institute of Mennonite Studies.

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