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    Jakob Hutter

    His Life and Letters

    Edited by Emmy Barth Maendel, Jonathan Seiling

    4.5 Stars on Goodreads

    Coming in June 2024: This scholarly biography and collection of writings by and about an early leader of the Hutterites, a pacifist communal Anabaptist group, sheds light on a persecuted religious minority during the Reformation.

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    About The Book

    This comprehensive, annotated collection of Jakob Hutter’s letters and related documents begins with an extensive biography of Hutter and his wife, Katharina, based on recent archival research. This introduction serves to contextualize the Hutterite movement, a communal and pacifist Anabaptist group that emerged as part of the Radical Reformation in sixteenth-century Tyrol and Moravia.

    The main text of the book opens with Hutter’s eight surviving letters, newly translated directly from the seventeenth-century codices where they have been preserved. As the leader of a scattered, persecuted movement, Hutter wrote pastoral letters of encouragement and admonition to various congregations in Tyrol and Moravia. The second chapter consists of material from Hutterite chronicles that describe Hutter’s life and context. Some of these are previously unpublished; in all cases, new translations have been made from the original codices. The third chapter is a collection of reports on government interrogations of Anabaptists who describe Hutter’s missionary activity, typically written by a state official during an interrogation process that often involved torture. Chapter Four is a compilation of writings by fellow Hutterites written during Hutter’s life and in the decade after his death, which show the importance of Hutter’s life and teachings. The fifth chapter includes internal correspondence between government authorities trying to suppress the Anabaptist movement. The accounts offer insight into the government’s perspective on the significance of Hutter and the Anabaptist communities in his spheres of activity. Additional documents relating to Hutter’s death and legacy from both within and outside of the Hutterite tradition are included in a final chapter.

    This meticulously researched volume, peer-reviewed for inclusion in the Classics of the Radical Reformation series, is a valuable contribution to the scholarship of a volatile and fruitful chapter of church history.

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    Table of Contents


    1. Jakob Hutter’s Letters
    2. Chronicle Sources
    3. Witnesses
    4. Hutterian Epistles
    5. Governmental Correspondence
    6. Additional Documents

    Appendix 1: Timeline for Jakob and Katharina Hutter

    Appendix 2: List of Codices



    Archives Consulted


    Index of Names and Places

    Scripture Index

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