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    The White Robin in English

    The White Robin--redirect per Trevor Wiser--7.11.19--maf

    A Short Story for Children

    Short story for children about racism and intolerance.

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    About The Book

    In this delicately written short story a group of children confront their own racism and intolerance when a small white bird is seen in the village. Through drought, fire, and suffering they learn to appreciate each other for bravery and courage, and ignore their physical differences.

    "The white robin flew along the hill, and perched in the old hickory. It flicked its tail and sang its evening song over and over. The boys watched it, amazed and staring..."

    Clement writes with simplicity and directness, a gentle, probing insistence, and conviction. One lays down the book in thought, and with thankful heart. -- Friends Journal

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