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A photograph by Alisa Anton of a bunch of sunflowers, a mug of coffee, and some brownies on a wooden table.

Poem: The Kinship of Ordinary Things

Todd Outcalt

  • Catherine L.Peterson

    What an insightful poem!

  • Larry Wayman

    Such a wonderfully "ordinary" poem. It says in so few words, the many words I will be using in my sermon tomorrow and during the days to come in my "ordinary times." Thank you!

  • Erna Albertz,

    Outcalt writes, "God grants his favor in another’s face." When and where have you experienced this working of God in your life through another?

One day you will be at home
Reading a book perhaps
Or sorting laundry at midnight
When a friend may call with a dilemma
Or ask your advice with a problem

And one word will lead to another
There in the kinship of ordinary things
In the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee
Or the sweetness of freshly-folded towels
Where love meets at these intersections

This is of course the true course
From which all of life springs
And from which our sadnesses gift
The world with inexpressible joy
And into which we are baptized

Only let us seek them out as one
Prepared for the inevitable grace
Of quiet walks or the mirror image
Of our solitary talks through which
God grants his favor in another’s face






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