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    artwork of a large white rock against a blue sky

    Poem: “No Omen but Awe”

    By Christian Wiman

    November 30, 2021

    I thought it would all resolve
    one day in diamond time.
    Life like a gem to lift to the squint
    as through a jeweler’s loupe.

    I thought every facet and flaw
    neither facet nor flaw in some final shine;
    chance and choice uncanny cognates;
    form, fate.

    Now I am here.
    No diamond, no time, no omen but awe
    that a whirlwind could in not cohering cohere.
    Loss is my gift, bewilderment my bow.


    artwork of a large white rock against a blue sky

    Eyvind Earle, White Rock © 2021 Eyvind Earle Publishing. Used by permission.

    Contributed By ChristianWiman Christian Wiman

    Christian Wiman is a distinguished American poet and former editor of Poetry magazine.

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