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    painting of a man looking at a sunset

    Poem: “Andy Mayhew, Author of the Sonnets of Shakespeare”

    Love and love sonnet, both botched.

    By Amit Majmudar

    December 5, 2023

    He tried to do it right. ABAB.
    Every time, though, he had to give up, foiled
    By headstrong form, the rhyme scheme and the beat
    He failed to marry. How a marriage failed,
    He knew too well, two lives jarred askew, refusing
    To line up. Love and love sonnet, both botched.
    Nothing to show for all his obsessive fussing.
    Better just to memorize Shakespeare’s batch.

    Alzheimer’s turned his scars to cuts in water
    But left him with those lines that rhymed and scanned,
    And in his nursing home, he showed his daughter
    The Sonnets forming in his sloping hand,
    The clinching couplets that would make him famous,
    Forgotten so completely they became his.

    painting of a man looking at a sunset

    René Magritte, The Poet Recompensed, oil, 1956. Artwork from WikiArt (public domain).

    Contributed By AmitMajmudar Amit Majmudar

    Amit Majmudar served as Ohio’s first poet laureate and works as a diagnostic radiologist in Westerville, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and three children.

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