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    a watercolor painting of pink clouds

    Carl Sandburg’s “Buffalo Dusk”

    A Visual Interpretation

    By Julian Peters

    November 8, 2019
    • Michael Webster

      Great poem and visual interpretation to keep in mind during the holiday shopping season.

    • D.S. Martin

      Thank you for sharing Julian Peters' envisioning of "Buffalo Dust". I suspect Sandburg would be well pleased.

    an illustration of highway signs against a sunset sky
    a watercolor painting of buffalo on a prairie
    a watercolor painting of native americans hunting buffalo on a prairie
    a watercolor painting of a buffalo herd near an interstate highway
    a watercolor painting of two buffalo fighting in a parking lot
    a watercolor painting of silhouettes of men on horseback on a busy city road
    a watercolor painting of cars and pickups driving on a road

    Read Carl Sandburg's Buffalo Dusk here.

    Contributed By Julian Peters self portrait Julian Peters

    Julian Peters is an illustrator and comic book artist living in Montreal, Canada, who focuses on adapting classical poems into graphic art. His work has been exhibited internationally and published in several poetry and graphic art collections.

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