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    men working in a field with palm trees in the background

    A Song of Isaiah (Isaiah 26:13–19)

    By Philip Britts

    February 21, 2013

    This poem is taken from a collection of Philip Britts's writings, Water at the Roots: Poems and Insights of a Visionary Farmer.

    We have had other lords, O God,
    Who held dominion in our heart,
    But Thou hast swept them all away
    And in Thy place they bear no part.

    The gods are dead – they shall not live,
    They have gone down, and shall not rise,
    For Thou hast swept their power away
    And cast their glamour from our eyes.

    Thy people labour in Thy sight,
    Like women in the pangs of birth,
    But all our labour is for naught,
    We bear no glory in the earth.

    But though we die, in Thee we live,
    Nor can the earth hold down our trust,
    Thy dew shall call us back to life,
    Awake and sing who dwell in dust!


    Read the book: Water at the Roots: Poems and Insights of a Visionary Farmer




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    Contributed By PhilipBritts Philip Britts

    Farmer-poet Philip Britts was born in 1917 in Devon, England. Britts became a pacifist, joined the Bruderhof, and moved to South America during World War II.

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