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    The Gospel in Dostoyevsky

    Selections from His Works

    Introduced by J. I. Packer, Malcolm Muggeridge, and Ernest Gordon

    4.03 Stars on Goodreads Read Reviews

    These excerpts from Dostoyevsky's greatest novels explore the devastating (yet ultimately healing) social implications of the Gospels, and vividly reveal the common thread of the great God-haunted Russian's questioning faith.

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    About The Book

    Illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg

    An excellent introduction to one of the world’s most important authors, this volume vividly reveals – as none of his novels can on their own – the common thread of the great God-haunted Russian’s questioning faith. Drawn from The Brothers Karamazov, The Idiot, Crime and Punishment, and The Adolescent, the seventeen selections are each prefaced by an explanatory note. Newcomers will find in these pages a rich, accessible sampling. Dostoyevsky devotees will be pleased to find some of the writer’s deepest, most compelling passages in one volume.

    Softcover, 5.5 x 8, 258 pages
    ISBN: 978-0874866346

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    Table of Contents

    Faith in God

    • The Legend of the Grand Inquisitor, from The Brothers Karamazov

    Rebellion Against God

    • Rebellion
    • The Devil, from The Brothers Karamazov
    • The Failure of Christendom, from The Idiot

    On the Way to God

    • The Story of Marie
    • A Fool for Christ, from The Idiot
    • The Awakening of Lazarus, from Crime and Punishment
    • Hymn of the Men Underground, from The Brothers Karamazov
    • Reprieve and Execution, from The Idiot
    • The Onion, from The Brothers Karamazov
    • The Last Judgment, from Crime and Punishment
    • The Crucifixion, from The Idiot
    • From the Life of the Elder Zossima
    • The Wedding at Cana, from The Brothers Karamazov

    Life in God

    • Talks With an Old Friend of God (from The Adolescent, or The Raw Youth
    • Conversations and Exhortations of Father Zossima from The Brothers Karamazov