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    Where Children Grow

    Wisdom for Raising Resilient Humans from the Inventor of Kindergarten

    Foreword by Scott Bultman

    3.5 Stars on Goodreads

    Coming in August 2024: An early champion of childhood reminds parents and educators that children learn best when they are free to play and explore.

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    About The Book

    Far ahead of his time, Friedrich Froebel viewed children not as future adults to be seen and not heard, but as unique individuals with strengths and interests. Since he believed in joy-based learning – founding the first kindergarten on children’s innate desire to discover and create – his approach will resonate with those who value varying learning styles today. These extracts from his writings will embolden teachers and parents to withstand pressure to conform and will help them connect with children’s intrinsic motivation.

    This slim volume includes a biographical introduction followed by short selections introducing Froebel’s thought on topics such as the importance of unstructured play, time in nature, creative self-expression, faith, sports, building character, and the unity of all things.

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    Table of Contents




    • Reverence for Childhood
    • Guiding Children
    • Nature 
    • Self-Directed Activity
    • Creativity 
    • Play
    • Unity
    • HOME and FAMILY

    • The Parent’s Task<
    • Awakening Faith
    • Building Character

    • The Purpose of School
    • Sports 
    • The Teacher’s Task