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    Plough Quarterly No.12: Courage

    Spring 2017


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    About This Issue

    It’s proving to be an unsettling year. In such times, being told to “take courage” can sound like a grim joke. Yet courage is precisely what we’re in need of today: courage to stand by the truth, and courage to stand by the gospel’s claim that everyone belongs to God, because Jesus has overcome the world. Such courage, according to Augustine, is simply “love ready to bear all things for God’s sake.” To inspire such love – and to guard against a failure of nerve or of imagination – this issue of Plough highlights lived examples of the virtue of courage.

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    Plough is an award-winning international magazine of stories, ideas, and culture that appears weekly online and quarterly in print. We also publish a line of books, including literary nonfiction, fiction, and graphic novels. Founded in 1920, Plough asks the big questions: How can we live well together, and what gives life meaning and purpose in a complex world?