green and yellow gourds

I have been thinking of the time when Christ shall truly reign on earth, and when the kingdom of heaven will be realized. This is the great goal of our [communal] life, which stands as a little signpost amid the deadly confusion and relativism in the world today. It is only a signpost, and an imperfect one, that points toward the coming kingdom of God. But at least we can follow it, here and now, and hope that it says to those who despair of peace, justice, and love, that there is a way out of all the division, distraction, hatred, and fear. God is love, and it is his will that we should live in love. And what is more, if people are ready to risk all – economic security, worldly fame, yes, life and limb, for him – the power to do so will be given them, even in the world as it is.

Twenty-seven-year-old Kathleen Hamilton writes to her mother about why she left home to join the Bruderhof.