The prevailing image of creation is a huge complex engine, requiring (on the part of authorities) vigilance and, on occasion, repair. Like the vitals of a town clock, it must be periodically oiled, adjusted, repaired.… And the kings, whatever their moral stripe, are free in their time and place to mimic the gods. Godlings. For a time, in a space, they may play their games, superhuman and silly. But to speak of the community of faith, and of [the prophet] Daniel, no such idiotic theodicy exists. Rather than wanton power, a far greater gift is implied and conferred; it is called hope. An unambiguous gift. A hope which includes the possibility of violent death, prison, torture, exile, persecution of every kind. A hope which, on a warranty and promise, and against all odds and evidence, hopes on – for reasons which surpass all reason.

Source: Daniel: Under the Siege of the Divine