How many people, in error, look at creatures and things in order to possess them! It may be a look of selfishness or of envy, but whatever the case, it is one of sin. Or people may look within their own selves, and be possessive of their own souls, their faces lifeless because they are bored or worried. The soul, because it is an image of God, is love, and love that turns in on itself is like a flame that, because it is not fed, dies out. Look outside yourself, not in yourself, not at things, not at persons; look at God outside yourself and unite yourself to him. He lives in the depths of every soul that is alive; and if the soul is not alive, it is still the tabernacle of God that awaits him as the joy and expression of its own existence.

Source: Called to Community

“My dear Wormwood, … the sense of ownership in general is always to be encouraged.”