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Today we amass material things without ever satisfying our greed, and then we madly squander all we have amassed. But a day will come when there will be no orphans, no beggars; everyone will be as one of my own family...and that is when I will have gained everything and everyone! Today even some of the richest and mightiest people care nothing about how long they have been given to live because they can no longer think up ways to spend their hours; but one day our hours will be multiplied a thousandfold, for we will not want to lose one single moment of life, as we will live every one of them in the joy of our hearts. And then wisdom will come not out of books but from living in the presence of God, and the earth will glow brighter than the sun, and there will be no sadness, no sighs will be heard, and the whole world will be paradise.

Source: The Gospel in Dostoyevsky