three ears of wheat

We all know John 12, where our Lord is recorded as saying, “Except the grain of wheat fall into the ground and die...” The question is not whether there is life within. That we may take for granted. But will we allow the shell of our hearts to be cracked?

…The timing is always in the Lord’s hand. In some lives, the Lord works sudden destruction; in others, he works gradual trials. We cannot shorten the time he wishes to take in accomplishing his work of destroying our shell so as to set our spirit free. But we can certainly prolong it, and this is most serious. For nothing is more grievous than wasting God’s time – and how often the work of the church is meanwhile hindered as well! Let us therefore consecrate ourselves wholly, without condition, to him, willing – delighting – to give him his full way in us.

Source: The Release of the Spirit