star shaped anise seed pods

I know some people like to shop. I’m not one of them. For me, the pull to online shopping was already strong, and then the Covid pandemic hit. Now, I find myself tempted to order everything from coloring books to a new couch on Amazon and get it delivered right to my door. But more and more, I find myself wondering what giving in to that temptation is really costing me. What am I giving up when I hand my money over to Amazon in exchange for fast delivery and a wide range of mediocre goods? And why do I feel a stab of guilt when I hit that “buy now” button, even when the purchase is a responsible one? It’s not just me; I’ve talked with a number of people who admit to feeling anything from sheepish to downright ashamed about their reliance on Amazon.

This isn’t the way buying and selling is supposed to be. What have we lost?