The question of “sex-equality” is, like all questions affecting human relationships, delicate and complicated. [To say] “A woman is as good as a man” is as meaningless as to say, “a poet is as good as an engineer” – it means nothing whatever until you add: “at doing what?” 

When we balance the poet against the engineer, we are faced with a fundamental difference of temperament – so that here our question is complicated by the enormous social problem whether poetry or engineering is “better” for humanity. There may be people who would like a world that was all engineers or all poets – but most of us would like to have a certain number of each; though here again, we should all differ about the desirable proportion of engineering to poetry. The only proviso we should make is that people with dreaming and poetical temperaments should not entangle themselves in engines, and that mechanically-minded persons should not issue booklets of bad verse.

Even the most well-intentioned movement can lose sight of the obvious.