A crusty loaf of bread

My wife and I decided that we’d had enough of life in London and kind of ran for the hills. The nearest bit of hills that we could run to was in Sussex about  two hours south of London. And my wife Sarah found this wonderful, incredibly decrepit place, a failed dairy farm with oceans of concrete and corrugated asbestos and a sort of horror story of half built, half-collapsed barns and all of that. She rang me and said, “you’ve got to come and see this place. It’s absolutely incredible.” So I came down and thought, “yeah, OK, interesting. Absolutely incredible.” And she said, no, no, no, wait, wait. Come out here and look at the fields. And so we walked out into the fields and saw this completely entrancing vision of what I now realize is essentially a medieval landscape.

But what is repair in a landscape sense? It is the removal of those influences that will not allow it to self-repair.