triangular rock

We all must decide in our own consciences what side we will take. God our Lord is offering us marvelous fruits if we let him sow in us that sprout which will produce prolific branches, the fruits of eternal life. This is God’s plan, and that’s why the church is the vineyard where God’s kingdom will always be in crisis. Blessed are those who feel the crisis deeply and resolve it by committing themselves to our Lord. I am very glad that precisely in this hour of crisis many who were asleep have woken up and are at least asking where the truth is to be found. Look for it! Saint Paul shows us the way: it is found with prayer, reflection, and esteem for what is good. These are wonderful criteria. Wherever there is something noble, something good, something just, there we find God.

Source: The Scandal of Redemption

God did not make us for suffering